Which is German for Wednesday. It literally translates as Midweek. Mitt = Middle, Woch = Week. That’s your interesting fact for today.

And with that, it’s another day at the dreary coal face. I mean it does have moments of interest, but they are fairly few and far. I keep looking though. There’s something here somewhere.

Panning for Gold in ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’
“There’s something here somewhere”

The floods didn’t breach the barrier overnight, but I really can’t see if we’ll be back to Ironbridge at the weekend. I haven’t lost all hope, but it’s looking unlikely. The Hotel is suggesting they may get to re-open tomorrow. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

I had a good walk around the valley to see how bad things were up at the bridge – that involved some severe hill climbs because of the road closures – and it had the double advantage of a decent calorie burn too.

It’s dropping. You can see the top of the railings again!

I can only hope things improve quickly for the people that live in these houses. It’s desperately sad for them, and the town as a whole.

An early night for . Looking forward to going home, and to having a beer with the gang tomorrow night. With any luck I’ll be back here on Saturday anyway.

Keep out of the water

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