Movie night

Coming soon…

Underwater – Looks awesome, hope the trailer does it justice.

Like a Boss – Looks pretty funny, I might see it.

No Time To Die – I just can’t wait

The Rhythm Section – this was Tuesday nights selection.

Blake Lively. There’s nothing I don’t like about this woman. The Town, The Shallows, A Simple Favour, and now The Rhythm Section. I’ve seen a couple of reviews, and it seems to be getting a bit of a kicking – wholly undeservedly.

This is a tough time to be a new release. It’s awards season, so the best of the last 12 months are in everyone’s faces at the moment – including the critics. So if there’s a sniff of something that’s not giving them the greatness of those top two or four movies, then they just start writing it off. The Rhythm Section isn’t perfect, but it’s still damn good.

Here’s why: It’s got Blake Lively in it. In fact she’s in it at least four times, so diverse is the range of her looks. I didn’t recognise her at all for the first 20 minutes of the film. It’s a moody portrayal of loss and revenge with a tougher-than-usual Jude Law helping her along the way. She really throws herself into it, and it’s a pretty demanding job, which she makes look real and convincing.

You get to sit in the passenger seat for a car chase – and it’s a belter.

Realism. This comes from the team that have brought us the recent James Bond’s, and there’s some of the bond gloss and plenty of travel, but there’s also plenty of grit, putting me in mind of some of the early Bourne movies. This isn’t in the same league, as Bond and Bourne, but it’s definitely in the promotion zone.

The plot gets a bit confused, but it hangs together and reaches a satisfying conclusion; just about. I’m not convinced by the title, but…

It’s got Blake Lively in it.

“Let your heart be the drums, your breathing the bass.”

I don’t know what I expected from this film, but I really enjoyed what I got.

Let’s see what I can see tomorrow.
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