Of Morse and Men

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As of Sunday 23rd of February the following is fact:

  • Morse: 33
  • Lewis: 33
  • Endeavour: 30

It’s not some sort of cryptic puzzle. It’s the number of episodes of each of the TV Series. Inspector Morse followed the namesake of the series title as he investigated (and for the most part, solved) a series of murders in and around Oxford – with a couple of exceptions. He did this with his trusty sergeant Lewis. After 33 episodes the felt it had run it’s course, although this had more to do with the health of John Thaw in truth.

(Lewis &) Morse

A few years later and with a prominent gap in the market, Sergeant Lewis found a promotion, and as a result his own series, this time with a new sidekick, Sergeant Hathaway. And once more after 33 episodes, enough was enough. This time however, wasn’t down to ill health, but more likely respect for John Thaw, who truly owned the role of Morse and had passed away.

Lewis (& Hathaway)

And yet… still the public want more… and so a couple of years later, with he same gap still yearning to be filled, we all travelled back in time to meet the young Morse, before he earned his Sergants stripes, let alone inspector, in the series Endeavour. And what an Endeavour it’s been. And now, after 7 series, they’ve reached 30 episodes….

Endeavour (& Thursday)

So what happens next?

Well, it’s a safe bet there’s going to be another 3, and most likely final, episodes of Endeavour bringing us back to the 6th of January 1987 – or thereabouts. Series 7 was set in the early 70’s, so I guess series 8 will be the late 70’s/early 80’s – they should just about be able to get there with some clever writing and a little luck.


33 + 33 + 33 = 99. Hmmmmm. There has to be just one more….

Suggestions on a postcard please….

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Answer: Morse / Lewis / Endeavour

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