Stuck in the middle again..

Wednesday arrives with the sun coming in the window of a bland hotel overlooking a pond. At least there is sun. The next two days are scheduled to be full of a workshop. Always strikes me as the wrong word.

I suppose there is work, of a sort – although more often I find these things to be an opportunity for opinions rather than progress, but for progress I suppose we do all have to agree on what it is that we’re going to progress.

There’s also not much shopping. Neither are there any elves making things out of offcuts of wood, or 4th and 5th years (I don’t know what they’re called nowadays – year 9’s maybe?) soldering bits of metal together and coating them in plastic to make some futuristic, never to be used, toast rack. Not much of a workshop at all in that sense.

I try not to cause offence (although I have to say I didn’t get of to a great start on a briefing call on Monday – “In at the deep end” – ask me when you see me, I really can’t write it down). I also try to only share my useful and helpful opinions, but that will depend on context, and if you think what I have to say is worth listening to. I mean, it’s just like my opinion man. 😉

In the meantime, I’ll continue with this game of ‘suicide chess’; you know, where the object is to get all of your piece taken off the board by your opponent. It feels like that.

The ending was not what was envisioned. I thought I’d catch another viewing of 1917, but as it turned out, on my way down the stairs, I bumped into the boss, and one of the guys that’s been working ‘over the road’ for some time. In the end, he and I (not the boss) went for a beer and to shoot the breeze in a nearby hostelry.

He’s a nice bloke, but tends to wind everyone up. He does things his way, and as a result isn’t considered particularly diplomatic. He’s actually far more astute than a lot of people give him credit for, and I know I will enjoy having him around for the most part – as long as I don’t become embroiled in some of his resulting chaos. Time will tell.

So now it’s Thursday. Tonight has a quiz in store!!.

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