Sunday in the rain

Dennis isn’t showing any signs of letting up just yet, so today has mostly been about staying in the the warm and dry. I also hear, that Storm Ellen is right behind him, so best strap in. It’s going to get wet.

We did venture out a bit. You may recall daughters’ car battery has arrived (along with a tap for the kitchen – don’t ask me) so a trip to her house to feed the cats (She and son-in-law are away for the weekend) and fit said battery was in order.

The rain had turned to drizzle about mid morning, so now was the time to strike. A very simple job of undoing three bolts, taking out the old battery, dropping in the new and doing the bolts up again. I’ve left it for to her to reset the car’s clock and the radio.

While we were out and about, we nipped into Tesco and bought a chicken and accompanying bits for a roast dinner. Just for the two of us this week so nothing too dramatic. Son and girlfriend are up that Laandan. Strange when they get older and are no-where to be seen, but much like cats, I know that they’ll be back when they’re hungry. 😉

Good to see Tiger Roll out for a run today, although he didn’t do the magic that he managed at last years Grand National. Still, it was his first run of the year. Penhill on the other hand, is one to keep an eye on I reckon. Did very well for me last year at the Festival.

Some of those space saving coat hangers have arrived (because I ordered them) and damn useful they are too. I’ve now got room to put stuff in the wardrobe again. Of course, I should really be throwing some stuff out – and that will come next time I buy some more stuff to put in – honest it will this time – I promise.

As well as hangers, I picked up a new wallet. I loved my existing one, but my plastic was getting bent, twisted or snapped – not least because I carried it around in my back pocket. Turns out that’s the perfect place for someone of a nefarious nature to scan it with a NFC reader… you’ve been warned. I’ve now got a NFC protecting hard case jobby. So far, so good.

Last thing for the day… Endeavour. Having been a fan of Morse from it’s inception, and then managed to cope with the switch to Lewis, I never thought I’d enjoy Endeavour – but it turns out I probably enjoy more (certainly as much as) the original’s themselves. Something to do with my dad and sixties/seventies policing I think. Well, that and a good whodunnit.

Now Monday is just around the corner. I’m off to bed.
Catch you laters

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