Tell me why?

I don’t like Mondays… Actually, that’s just not the case. I do like Mondays (mostly). Lately, they mean I get to work from home, and so I don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn to be somewhere else. They’re a gentle way into the working week at the moment, so I quite like them. I’ve no doubt that will change in the fullness of time, but get what you can while it’s there. And it’s stopped raining. For now.

Blue skies

What’s this week got in store then?

I have a calendar full of clashes tomorrow, so that will messy, but I understand that the welsh accountant is about for a catchup too… So that will be messy as well I expect.

I’ve also had an intriguing and somewhat odd message regarding my new role, and potential change to it – which given I’ve only been doing it for five minutes is a little disturbing. I’m currently very much of the opinion that certain senior individuals don’t have a Scoobie what it is that they’re trying to achieve. But then that is so often the way lately.

The river’s very high in Ironbridge as a result of the Dennis/Ellen situation, so that’ll be interesting (expect photos) in tomorrow night’s or Wednesday’s post. I’m looking forward to the weekend when we’ll be back this way to entertain mother-in-law for her birthday. More on that when it happens.

Left over chicken with rice and peas for dinner, and bloody delicious it was too.

Have fun

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