The Bond Song and White House Farm

While we’re on the subject of Music, here’s the Billie Eilish Bond song (written with her brother) for, the (frankly I can’t wait) upcoming “No Time To Die”

Definitely sounds like a Bond song – I like it.

In other news – It’s Friday!! Always a good thing when you work for a living (unless you only work weekends I suppose). Thursday was, as Thursday does although with considerably less WTC than usual. We all had things that needed to be done, so we did them instead. There is the potential for the big walk training on Saturday (even though the weather forecast is not looking good) so that’ll make up for it.

I did have a couple of meetings that were slightly more interesting on Thursday. Finally feels like the new role might have some meat on it somewhere – although getting people to agree on things is often challenging and can get boring pretty quickly – but as usual, it’s all about time.

Finished off “White House Farm” – excellent work. I was most surprised to discover the role of Jeremy Bamber was played by Freddie Fox, Son of Edward Fox and Brother of Emilia Fox. That’s him in the middle…

This fact is even more fun when you realise the prosecutor in the court scenes is played by Richard Lintern – or Dr Thomas Chamberlain whom he plays in Silent Witness, opposite Freddie’s sister Emilia. Co-incidentally I read yesterday that he’s leaving Silent Witness. I could probably come up with a whole post on my love/hate relationship with the long running Silent Witness – but thats for another day.

I’d really like to catch the Oscar winning “Parasite” at the cinema this weekend, so that might be a thing for this evening or tomorrow. Battery has arrived for daughters car, so there’s that to fit… lots to do.

Happy Valentine’s Day
Don’t fall for the expensive nonsense.


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