There’s a Storm Brewing

Ridiculous thing to say when you think about it. Somewhere on the planet, there is always a storm brewing, just that most of the time it’s not in front of you (depending on where you are of course) it’s all relative and it’s all (as usual) creating doom laden headlines.

“Travel chaos certain as Storm Costa batters coastline”

“Flooding in a place that usually floods when there’s a storm”

“Commuters likely to be left on parked trains or stuck in snow bound cars for months at a time”

“Wind that’s very blowy likely to damage roof tiles or things that aren’t very well tied down”

Etcetera, etcetera.

That’s not to say it should be taken lightly. Proper storms are devastating things which are out of our control. Behave sensibly in such a set of circumstances and all should be relatively well. But it is all relative.

Relative to a gust of wind, a few leaves in your drive is to be expected. Relative to a force 15 gale howling up the high street when you’re out shopping, you can expect people to be flying about all over the place and not much left of the high street itself. You’ve been warned.

The big plus for me is that I did’t have to commute anywhere, it being a Monday and all that, so there was no danger of me getting caught in it. Might not be the same on Tuesday.

None of that has stopped any horse action so I was particularly pleased to stick some money on Calva D’Auge in the 2.15 at Plumpton only for him to go and win it again!!! I love this horse. He cuts if fine mind you. See for yourself.

Keeps you guessing doesn’t he.

Also worth noting that a disaster has happened, in the shape of running out of Marmalade!! I know!! It’s a travesty.

The thing is, it’s some special marmalade that daughter got me for Christmas – so now we have to go to London to get some more – there’s nothing else for it.

After the shock, in the early evening, I nipped over to her (daughters’) because her little car has stopped working. Turns out it’s the battery – very common at this time of year. Rigged it up to some jump leads in the dark – always a bit risky – and it fired up first go. We took it for a run for half an hour and had a catchup which is always welcome. She always has something going on and is a delight to hear. I do miss her but I’m really pleased she’s finding her way.

For dinner I cooked a very nice smoked salmon risotto. Not usually much of a risotto fan, but I’d read the recipe, and felt my taste buds tingle, so that was that… Smoked Salmon, Peas, Spring Onion and Risotto Rice – and a squirt of lemon because it’s a fish. Lush.

Enjoy your week

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