Under the Iron Bridge

Up at the crack and onto the motorway, as is becoming the norm.

Nice easy journey – half term means the roads are very clear which I guess is because so many people have the week off to look after their kids.

Work might be morphing into a role I didn’t sign up for. So I need to play things very carefully for a few days. Nothing worse than being brought in to do one job, and then because of a lack of resources or bad planning end up being given some other problem to solve.

I’m staying in Ironbridge and it’s desperately sad to see the floods are staying here too. There’s a very impressive set of temporary flood defences that they put in place along the Wharfage which seem to do a great job of protecting the houses along that stretch. However, on the opposite bank, the water levels just rise up, and the houses that are there suffer as a result.

The garden of the Best Western Hotel in Ironbridge

This is the problem with flood barriers – you are just moving the problem downstream, or in this case, to the opposite bank. These are problems of our own making. A combination of building and poor water management with a lack of dredging mean that an increased volume of water has to go somewhere. And I don’t think these volumes of water are unusual – they just have fewer places to go and less depth to do it in. At least – that how it seems to me.

The Garden of The Meadow Inn

We were coming back here on Saturday for the day/night. Grand plans of a walk down to The Woodbridge and a stopover in the White Hart. Unfortunately I suspect that won’t be happening now. Heartbreaking.

There’s really only one road in and out. Let’s hope the rain is gentle and gives the river time to flow.

Stay safe

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