Plenty of snow, which of course is frozen water, but it’s not settling and I’m not under it. Telford looked at times on Tuesday like it was the beginning of the apocalypse. Black skies. Thick snow. And by lunchtime, sunshine again… albeit blustery at the same time.

Shockingly, and unrelated to the weather, the work got momentarily more interesting.

It passed. Let’s hope that improves sooner rather than later – although I suppose there’s no rush.

Now then. What did the fish say when it bumped into the wall?

I’m not going to provide you with the answer right now, but if you want to know, then go and watch “Underwater”, which is exactly how I spent my Tuesday evening.

It’s a Horror/Thriller, set on a deep sea drilling rig. While it was very nicely put together, and provides plenty of jumps and jeopardy to keep you engaged and concerned, if you’ve watched the following (all truly excellent films – and you really should), then you’ll have seen what this has to offer… More than a passing nod to:

  • The Abyss (1989)
  • Alien (1979)
  • The Decent (2006)
  • Event Horizon (1997)
  • Tremors (1990) (for the comedy – because there is some) – Actually, everyone should watch Tremors at some point in their lives, just because you want to live your best life.

As “Underwater” has elements of these – I mean just looked at the uniformly spaced letters of the title across true screen. If it wasn’t such a long word you’d swear you were watching Alien, and honestly there is a chestbuster, although it doesn’t bust a chest. Anyway, as I was saying, as “Underwater” has these elements, I really enjoyed it, in a, unplug and enjoy some great film-making kind of way. It’s, hmmm..it’s very good.

Good strong female characters (Kristen Stewart looks amazing), which I hope aren’t there because thats what studios think they should do and some well written script, backed up with awesome technical work. If you’ve ever watched the Abyss documentary “Under Pressure”, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Incidentally – if you haven’t, well… Here you go:

That was Tuesday, and this is Wednesday. I wonder what will happen…

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