Work Shopped, Quiz Quizzed

In the end I think I learned a lot over the two days. One thing is very clear to me, the size and scale of the systems within the estate is enormous. Given the number of accounts they need to deal with, I suppose that not surprising. Layer in many years of complexity and you have something that very few (if any) actually understand in it’s entirety.

So two days of focusing on one of the myriad of systems, is useful. I think we came away with a path forward. I shared my expertise and tried to direct some of the thinking to keep it in the direction of the programme. Felt like a good session. Time will tell.

The journey back down south was uneventful and I made good time. Still arrived home in darkness, but the summer is coming.

Our WTC outing was to the Hunters Inn where on the first Thursday of every month they hold a pub quiz. £6 to enter, and they give you a very tasty chicken curry at half time. Not bad at all..

We landed in the upper middle of the entered teams at 4th out of 9. Compared to other quizzes we’ve entered, it didn’t feel particularly well crafted, and they even missed a couple of questions out because the quizmaster didn’t understand them. It didn’t matter though. We had a good time, and good beer. (Rev.James as it happens)

NB… The ‘Daggers’ are Crime fiction awards …


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