A bit of a do

A wedding. Been a few of these in the last year to two… Not least because of Daughters. A truly awesome day that was, and I’ll wax lyrical about it on another occasion.

This one was a particularly posh job, being as it was held in Gloucester Cathedral. A stunning location to get hitched. And on the EXTRA day that we have this year, given that it’s a leap year…. great timing, and only one wedding anniversary to remember for every four years.. Very clever.

Big innit?

It was a cracking event. It’s a beautiful building so makes for excellent backdrop and the two people involved couldn’t have appeared both at home, and deserving of such a special place.

You can see why it features in so many movies (Harry Potter’s a big fan)

We had a great time and they really treated us to something Special. The reception and the evening were held in nearby Elmore Court, which is another stunning building. Superb food, and awesome band and we stayed the night in one of the rooms. A proper treat.

Dinner in the garden room

A great breakfast to set us up for the day – and help soak up the alcohol.

The only problem was, it was all over too soon, and so was the weekend! I can’t believe it’s Monday tomorrow. Devastated…

Thanks for an awesome time though. Huge hugs to them both. They’re off to Cyprus now – alright for some.

Have a great week

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