An Invisible Monday

As you know, most Monday’s I get to work from home, which is a bit of a delight. Note having to get up at the crack of dawn and fight my way through the Monday morning commute with everyone else is a thing I treasure. As I noted the other day, a few more of you might get a go at it shortly if this Mexican Beer Virus keeps up. I digress.

This Monday however, I found myself in the car on the way up north without a hint of a lie-in. It feels like the weekend didn’t really happen. It also feels like I haven’t been home for a week – although of course I have; it just feels a bit like I’m living out of a suitcase.

Two meetings in THE office and one in the OTHER place mean I’ve been backwards and forwards across the car park all day. I actually don;t mind that too much (as long as it;s not raining). It’s a good bit of exercise.

I’m quite concerned about our confusing colleague. Just too confusing. But it is what it is. It’s a bit stressful.

And on the subject of stressful, my evening….

So a quick change after checking in and a walk across the car park found me sitting in another lounge (not portivo) about to order my dinner, when the boss rings. Good to catch up, but a bit short given I was out and really he could have done with being at at least one of the meetings – but I’ll have some time with him tomorrow. Perhaps he’ll have a plan or some news… who knows

After my burger and beer, I had a ticket to go and see “The Invisible Man” and man is that stressful. I did get to see it in an IMAX all to myself – when it eventually started – some software glitch with he timer that kicks it off meant I didn’t have to suffer any adverts. The fact that it’s IMAX means it’s absorbing. You feel like you’re a bit more “in it” and this may not be the sort of film you want to feel like that in. It’s edgy, loud, and un-nerving. I loved it for the fear factor.

IMAX’s are big. Especially when they’re empty.

Not many movies keep my heart rate up – this did – and I think 50% of that was the IMAX effect. Most terrifying and most enjoyable.

The trailer doesn’t do it justice. Elizabeth Moss (The Handmaid’s Tale) is very believable. It does have a reasonably predictable plot… to begin with. Gets a lot more interesting though. And actually I was glad it was over, just so the stress level went back down. Give it a go if you dare.

Enjoy your Tuesday

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