Blowing Up Thursday’s

Usual stuff for the most part. Day started off as it usually does on a Thursday with checking out of the hotel and driving to THE office. I had a meeting in this building so went and got set up.

20 minutes and the fire alarm goes off. This isn’t unusual, there’s a test every week. However, this isn’t the time of day of the test, so it’s a real thing – potentially. Meeting (along with the rest of the building) evacuates to the car park and stands around int he cold. Luckily it wasn’t raining.

After 20 minutes of chatting and getting cold, finally some news… A suspicious package has been found. Oooo. That’s interesting, and most unusual. Rumours of an hour’s wait time and of bomb disposal being called circulate through the assembled throng like wildfire – or at least quite quickly. And then a little later, everyone gets let back into the building. However, with attendee’s spread to the far corners of the car park, the meeting takes more than a little time to resume, and in fact never really does. Time has stood up from it’s lazy deck chair, and with the pace of a gazelle in the company of a cheetah, has, run out.

Fine by me. It was boring anyway.

Turns out that the resumed meeting got very confusing; and I’m not sure why. There is a member of that group that confuses, so it could be that… I know it wasn’t me. I didn’t say anything more. All very … normal.

I was glad to go home. Didn’t get to have a beer with the gang. Floods made it tricky for some, and to be honest even I wasn’t really in the mood for it.

Until next time

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