Cat, meet Pigeons….

I’m just trying to do the right thing.

As the newish boy (I mean I have been round the block a few times), but I’m new in this neighbourhood. Where was I?… ah, yes. As the new-ish boy, I’ve asked some questions, got some answers and asked some more questions. Today I went up the chain and asked some questions in the form of a meeting with some more senior people….

I got some different answers. Not the same as some of the answers I got earlier. So now it appears there are a few pigeons about, and the cat is right in amongst them.

Ultimately this will be a good thing, and should result in us being able to get some stuff done. Time will tell if that is true, but for now – feathers have been ruffled in an appropriate manner.

This evening will involve me explaining this situation to an interested King and a beer.

Tomorrow will involve me counting down to my escape to the races and Thursday will see me, quite literally, off to the races. Unless the Coronavirus stops all the fun in the meantime.

Which reminds me. They want their toilet paper back…

I suspect this is NOT a real recall 😉

Stay safe.
Now wash your hands. Some more!


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