Friday and packing…. again.

Working from home. Result. Although given the news of late, there’;s every possibly that might become a thing for a while. There appears to be a virus on the loose causing havoc – at least according to the stock markets… we’ll see,

Anyway, we have a wedding to go to on Saturday, but this also is going to be the shortest weekend in my recent history. I had an earlier start than usual, because daughter needed a lift to the station. She was off to London for the day/overnight to see her friend (bit of a birthday treat for her mate) and have tea in Tower 42. She was on good form, and it was great to see her for 10 minutes.

Work is fine, but still not making any traction. If I’m honest, for the first time in a long time, I’m not enjoying it much. I’m sticking at it for the time being though. Anything could happen. I’ll just keep asking awkward questions.

After school, and as Mrs G had the day off, the two of us whizzed into town because I needed a new shirt (one became 3) and a tie for tomorrows posh do and she needed to return a dress that she’d decided she didn’t like. I do like Hawks & Curtis – they fit. We stopped in Portivo Lounge for our dinner too.

She was a bit grumpy because I can’t remember everything all the time, which she translates into me not listening. I do listen. I just have a head full of stuff all the time and not everything gets filed in the right place. I’m a bit rubbish really. It probably is early onset Alzheimer’s, but no-one wants to admit that do they.

We caught up with “Flesh and Blood” with Imelda Staunton in it. Pretty good. Certainly a watchable bit of Drama. Imelda’s on track to become our next national treasure I guess.

Until I’m next here, take it easy

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