Friday WAH

How very bland. Bit of a hangover, but nothing to really make a noise about. Shhhhh

In my current role, Friday morning’s have a call that lasts for about an hour and is an opportunity for the “team” to get together and voice their opinions and update everyone on what they’ve been doing. It’s a bit of a strange session. Feels like it doesn’t have much structure and wanders around until everyone’s had a go.

The boss is usually there, so they all follow his lead – but he too is a bit of a meanderer… I dunno. Is it useful? Probably. Does it feel useful? Not particularly.

I was glad when Friday ended and the weekend arrived.

I was even more glad when Mrs G got home – because I miss her – more than she knows.

In other news – this Virus situation is starting to get a bit scarey… I hope the horse racing makes it…

The Cheltenham Gold Cup

Gee up

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