Lunch with daughter and a little WTC crawl

It’s unusual to be at home on a Thursday, but makes for a very pleasant change. On this occasion, doubly so because daughter suggested getting together for some lunch. It was a delight at about 12, to hear her knocking the door with a small blue gift bag in her hand…

Here you go she said thrusting it into my hands. To my surprise it was a “Fortnum and Mason” bag with a jar of my absolute favourite marmalade in it. She is such a star. Truly the apple of my eye.

On the bad side, she included chocolate, which wont do my diet any good at all, but of course she is forgiven and I’ll find a way of consuming it slowly over a suitably long period as to minimise it’s impact. We set off to the quays in search of sustenance.

Some cracking bruschetta and a pornstar Martini

There a nice little new place that used to be a burger restaurant and is now a trattoria. Turns out it’s not that new – it’s been here since November (I had no clue) – but it is just fancy enough not to be off putting, and with totally delicious food. Very Impressed. I’ll be back with Mrs G.

Daughter shot off to the opticians, and I caught the bus home, just in time for my 1pm call. a little rushed, but a perfect break in the day.

Chubby decided he’d like to come out for a beer again. I occasionally worry that he’s unsure of what he expects of the world. But I don’t over worry. It’s up to him if he wants to join us or not. The whole point of the WTC is to have a night out and get stuff off your chest in a safe place – or just have a beer.

And so it was that Bri picked me up and with Chubby already on board, we shot off into the City to meet Claude in the Fountain. A swift two in here while Chubby and Bri ate (Claude had already, and I”d had plenty for lunch, obv). Then a wander round to Angies (smallest bar in the City) for one, followed by a visit to the Bell, where it was open Mike night.

My review, Alright, but a bit poor.

BAck to the Fountain for a final one before I graciously declined the lift and walked back home – I need the excercise and trhe practice what with the big walk, just around the corner.

And so to sleep and before you know it – it’s Friday!!


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