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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Busy Bee's

Been a busy Bee. Yesterday me and the future Mrs G went to the Registry office to sort out a date for the wedding. Very interesting - both have to produce our decree absolute's (yes we've both been married before so we know what we're getting into). This might be a slight problem because I don't know where the hell mine is!! Typical bachelor, not well organised, but I'll sort it out.

The Head Registrar was an interesting bloke... but how the hell he works in his office without suffering a severe migrane I will never know. You know that pink wallpaper your mum got rid of back in 1972 ? The one with all the flower squiggly bits on it ?? Well this poor blokes office is covered in it. And not just covered, but covered!!! even the support pillar over by the window - it must be embarrassing for him - although he seemed quite happy. Perhaps you get used to it, but I don't think I ever could.

Went in to the office today and had a good meeting about the solution I'm working on. It's a tight schedule, but we might just make it. Time will tell.

The future Mrs G is painting the kitchen and I'm going up in the loft to sort A's TV aerial out. See you soon. G.

Where's them foxes ?

So - that's that then... no more hunting with dogs in the West country.... that won't last long. I'm neither for or against personally, but I don't appreciate liberty being messed with, and that's what seems to be going on. Be interesting to see what the MP's make of a house of commons full of foxes. But who knows ?? Not me that's for sure.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Freezer's, Headaches, Holidays and Batman

The future Mrs G sold the little freezer (that's been in the shed since we got the new one) last night. Well done her I say - She is incredible - it's no wonder I'm going to marry her. Now I know that might seem daft, after all it's only "selling a freezer" but she just gets on and does stuff. It's the little things that mean so much.

J is feeling better and going back to school today after her headache (or lack of homework completion I think). Aww bless.

Work went well yesterday - so today I have to prep for tomorrow's big meeting "in the office" and not only that but I'm going to have two weeks holiday in October - yipeee!

Also going to the building society today (sort the old mortgage out) and the Registry office to make sure the date we want next summer is available. Do idiots have to come from round here, dress as superhero's and climb buckingham palace ?? I sort of sympathise with the cause (especially with the A situation) although perhaps "Parents For Justice" might be a more worthy name. It does raise the question - What sort of example are these blokes setting to their kids?? Ah well - laters.....

Monday, September 13, 2004


The Lad's are being a bunch of Numpty's - Half of the usual hard core have pretty much dropped out of the October bash due to a variety of reasons... Money, Girlfriends, Work, other Stag Do's etc etc etc... It's just not acceptable. There will be a meeting of the WLDS (Gloucestershire Branch) on Thursday night in the pub to sort it out.

In's = Me, AJ, Shep, Smithy
Out's = Arch, Johnnie, Chrissy H, Phil, Tim

So now there's extra's
Stand-in's = A, Craig, Iain, Bart, Webbo


Car will be fixed on Friday.

Back to Wurk - ennit

Hurumph.... Monday - meaning back to work. Ah well, at least I can look forward to October safe in the knowledge that I can have a couple of weeks off - Yipeeeee!!

Sunday went well - Me and J went to B&Q (the new one) and picked up an extension lead for all the electrical crap in her bedroom. Had a look at carpets and floor coverings for the bathroom - about £50. A's lot won the football (4-0) in the wind and rain. The future Mrs G was a bit tired and stressed (teenage daughters huh!! - but J got the picture and chilled out). Roast Lamb for dinner - and very good it was too. A getting on well with Charlene - interesting....

Gotta sort the Lads do today....

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Flown - pizza's - Bored Games and Movies....

Ring won't be ready until next weekend... dissapointing, but worth the wait.

A's mate Will stayed over Friday night and they watched "Shaun of the Dead" which I have to say is a top movie. A Rom-Zom-Com of the highest order. 10/10 Mr Pegg. Eventually got the kids in shape to go to the Airport. Met up with the mob (Smithy couldn't make it in the end) - But Craig, Niki, Shep, Caroline and Arch Did. No Mandie - on a shopping trip apparently.

Kids Flew - well, A, J and Will did - Charlene stayed behind because she's a bit scared of flying - aww bless her.

Had a great time - A wants to learn to fly. If he's wise he'll get the R.A.F. to teach him.

The four of us (eg: The Future Mrs G, J, A and Me) went off to Pizza Hut for birthday tea - LOL - Why do all kids just love pizza ?? Weird huh ?? J went off to see Charlene and A, The Future Mrs G and Me played this terrible board game with A... really tough questions... still, we did have a giggle.

Sunday today - hmmmm... Ironing, A has a football match, Roast Lamb for din-din's. Gotta nip to Sainsbury's for some vegetables.

Oh yeah - and hopefully the car will be fixed on Thursday. About bloody time too.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Rings and Flying

Hopefully The future Mrs G's engagement ring will be ready this morning. Going to call them to double check before we struggle to find someplace to park in town. She's itching to get it on her finger. Awww bless.

Then this afternoon we're off to the Airport for A's first flying lesson. Bought it for him for his birthday, should be quite a giggle. And it appears that all the lads (well the local lot) are all coming along too. Shep, Cazza, Arch, Mandie, Craig, Niki, Smithy etc etc... we can have a couple of beverages and watch from the ground. It's a four seater, so he's going to take his sister and his mate up with him... I'm sure he'll be better with planes than he is with bikes though :-)

Oh yeah - and I didn't get the lad's do sorted out yesterday like I promised myself I would!!.. so that job is moved to when I get two minutes!!


Friday, September 10, 2004

Bin Wurkin'

So - very busy with work - which is a good thing mostly. I just think I'm getting the hang of this job and something throws me right of track. Bit scary really - my confidence levels go up and down a lot - though they are more up than down lately.

Anyway - I've got my Monday all sorted out. A couple of conference calls and then making sure this solution gets pulled together - 'nuf said.

Going to break for lunch in a bit and that'll give me a chance to sort out the lads do, official opening of the WLDS or Practice Stag (whatever you want to call it!!)


Y'ere Tiz

Well - like it says - Here it is.... my first blog entry.. bored yet ?? Well don't worry you soon will be.
And why have I finally decided to join in with all this "blog" stuff ?? Simple really. I've ben reading quite a few blog's recently as a result of searches for all sorts of info and realised that I've got pleanty of useful stuff (and even more useless stuff) going on in my noggin - might as well keep it somewhere - hence, Y'ere Tiz.

Where is Golfyball?


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