Cat Nappin

Winter is Landing...

Home is where the heart is....

Fickle sunshine

The weather's turning. Time to go home... Almost.

Ice cold beer...

It's full of sand

Thank God I brought my coat...

Today's Weather


Space Invaders

Coffee & Aeroplanes

GSD and GIP.

Q4 Targets

I was in this meeting.....


Give This...

First proper frost of the year

Weekend? What weekend?

The Well at Bulkington

The Warren

How not to cook...

High Levels of Interest in Edumacation

It's Quiet..... Too Quiet.

Building the DBP

English Roast for the Birthday Boy

The long lost infodeo* of the Gettysberg Address.

More Golfy Golfing

Happy Birthday

A miserable week of blind stupidity.

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